SILDOOR has been running for 23 years since its foundation. A path always focused on innovation and quality, based on boundless dedication and the passion that we put into everything we do. We work every day to retain the trust our clients place in us. For us, customer satisfaction is, and always will be, the key to success. We believe our projects are the best, coupled with the best of customers, which makes us immensely proud. Highly committed to the future, we undertake to maintain our brand´s characteristic excellence, always seeking out new trends, new markets, and new customers.

SILDOOR specialises in the design and manufacture of kitchen furniture, doors, wardrobes, bookcases, bathroom furniture and other products, with a clear focus on design and quality. The company excels at matching each client´s lifestyle with the expertise we have acquired over the years, always delivering unique results developed with you in mind.

With national design and production, SILDOOR is a reference in domestic and international markets alike.

With a factory bigger than 5,000 m2, the company benefits from a vertical production system that embraces the entire process from the initial concept all the way to the customer’s home.

We currently have a motivated team of around 60 employees who are highly committed to the brand and identify closely with our principles of innovation, rigour, commitment, excellence, and maximum quality.

Our Philosophy

SILDOOR specialises in the manufacture and assembly of kitchens, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and flooring for professional installers and/or the end customer. Our business vision is to change the way the world sees construction work, bringing peace of mind, on-time delivery, and quality to our customers.


Delivering quality results combined with peace of mind for our customers. We have all heard that the construction market takes years off the life of anyone involved with it. The challenge that SILDOOR and its team face every day is simply to expunge that idea once and for all, transforming our client's experience into one of pleasure, tranquility, and satisfaction, with the aim of being recognised nationally and internationally as the company that changed the way the world sees construction work.